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With us you can organize your time as best as possible. Here you have a list with top things to do in Poland.


Kayaking & canoeing

Poland is a dream come true for kayakers. River beds paved with stones and those wonderful, twisting lakes just waiting for audacious adventurers

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There are many very good areas in Poland for fishing with more than 20 fish species which can be caught

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Hunters in Poland form a brotherhood with their own traditions, language and customs. As they say, they are not bloodthirsty killers, but ‘selectioners’, assisting in the natural balance of nature. It is worth becoming acquainted with their traditions, language and customs, even if you don’t want to have anything to do with shooting the animals



In Masuria

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Horseback riding

It’s one of the oldest, carefully cultivated traditions in Poland. It is worth looking at this phenomenon

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Skiing & snowboarding

The mountainous landscape of Poland is ideal for skiers and snowboarders. In the south of our country there are several dozen resorts, some with a long tradition, some newly opened

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In Poland, hill-walkers will find a network of some 15,000 miles of marked trails, including some of the Polish sections of the trans-European routes

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Are you an amateur of strong sensations or an enthusiast of motor sports? Do you want to feel the rush of adrenalin while driving a vehicle among marshes and forests and crossing rivers in it? In Poland, you can take advantage of a rich off-roading offer and feel like a real rally driver! there are nearly sixty private off-road tracks in Poland where you can rent vehicles.

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