Szczecin – Berlin

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Trip to one of the biggest cities in Poland – Szczecin. The city was founded in the 8th century by Slavic tribes. Between then and now it was ruled by various kings and nations. It was Danish, Swedish, Polish, was part of the Holy Roman Empire of the German nations and now it is Polish again.

Within the same weekend you’ll also visit a capital city of Germany – Berlin. So many museums, statues, Berlin Wall…You cannot miss this trip.

So… don’t waste time and go with ECW to Szczecin and Berlin!

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This time you’ll have an opportunity to visit next beautiful polish city – Rzeszów. But not only. We will take you to Łańcut. In this small city there is an amazing Łańcut Castle. It’s a complex of historical buildings located in Łańcut, Poland. Historically the residence of the Pilecki, Lubomirski and Potocki’s families, the complex includes a number of buildings and it is surrounded by an outstanding park.

The chief administrative and industrial centre of southeastern Poland, Rzeszów is a surprisingly elegant medium-sized city boasting a nice square lined with some great clubs, restaurants and hotels, all enlivened by a large student population. It’s highly recommended sojourn if you’re looking for some more urbanised fun to balance out your treks in the mountains. It’s also a transport hub, meaning you’re likely to pass through in any event. As far as stopovers go, this is the most promising around.

So… don’t waste time and go with ECW to explore Rzeszów!

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